2046 - dir. Wong Kar Wai


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End of semester freakout.

End of semester freakout.

What are you doing?
Oh nothing just looking at The Fast & The Furious wiki to come up with a better lesbian joke.

— Together we form a racing crew called “lesbian third date.”

Guy Fieri’s New Restaurant Menu, Item by Insane Item

Unattractive, snorting laughter throughout.
"Nothing about you is a work of art, unless the Smithsonian built a Dickhead Museum when I wasn’t looking."

(I would eat that cheesecake tho)

Larkin weather today (and often)

When first we faced, and touching showed
How well we knew the early moves,
Behind the moonlight and the frost,
The excitement and the gratitude,
There stood how much our meeting owed
To other meetings, other loves.

The decades of a different life
That opened past your inch-close eyes
Belonged to others, lavished, lost;
Nor could I hold you hard enough
To call my years of hunger-strife
Back for your mouth to colonise.

Admitted: and the pain is real.
But when did love not try to change
The world back to itself—no cost,
No past, no people else at all—
Only what meeting made us feel,
So new, and gentle-sharp, and strange?

                    Philip Larkin, When First We Faced

Driving through
hot brushy country
the late autumn,
I saw a hawk
crucified on a
barbed-wire fence.

I guess as a kind
of advertisement
to other hawks,
saying from the pages
of a leading women’s

“She’s beautiful,
but burn all the maps
to your body.
I’m not here
of my own choosing.”

                           Richard Brautigan, The Double-Bed Dream Gallows




What do you think is your sexiest feature? - Anonymous


complete emotional unavailability. 



please god i just want it to be summer i just want to see knees i don’t even have to touch them just see them a little 

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